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What You Need To Know About Vadersberg

For Your Safety and Enjoyment

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General Information and Rules

Welcome to Vadersberg. We’ve put a lot of effort over the last three years into making this campsite in the woods a wonderful place to spend time relaxing in the wild with close friends and family. 


We ask all our guests to leave Vadersberg the way you found it and respect both the mountain and those that live here. Please communicate with us about anything you might need so that we can assist you. 


Please contact Shelby via Whatsapp (084 477 6488). Please understand that this farm is off the grid and the cell reception is weak. Please be patient, someone will help you out as soon as possible. 

Basic Information:

  • Vadersberg is pet friendly (if your pets are friendly) although you are required to bring your own dog beds, blankets, and bowls. Please note, the campsites are NOT enclosed - meaning your animal will be free to roam the farm.

  • There is wifi at the communal lapa and Die Berghuis

  • Please leave a nice comment about your stay on our Facebook/Google My Business Page for our future guests to read.

  • There are water points at each campsite. 

  • There is electricity available at the communal lapa for small appliances, like phones and laptops to be charged. Please note, the solar system is small and prioritises Die Berghuis (our self-catering eco-cabin), so please use it sparingly. The system in the lapa does not support camping fridges.


Items for sale at Vadersberg:

  • Fire Wood bagged: R85

  • Fire Wood per wheelbarrow: R100

  • Pinecones for firelighters: R35


Napier, our nearest town is a quaint town with a few wonderful restaurants and art galleries that you should definitely check out if you have some time during your stay. It’s 18km away from Vadersberg and there is an OK where you can buy basic groceries. If you’d like to do a bigger shop, Bredasdorp is the place to go. 


Directions from Sir Lowrey’s Pass, Cape Town:

  • From Sir Lowry's Pass, Drive 60km on the N2 towards Caledon

  • At Caledon, turn right onto the R316

  • Drive for 45km towards Napier/Bredasdorp on the R316


  • Turn right at the SANDY'S GLEN turnoff. Please DO NOT take any turnoffs before you reach Sandy's Glen road sign - it's big and green. 

  • Drive along Sandy's Glen dirt road for approximately 8.5km to our marked farm gate. We are on an s-bend at the foot of the mountain. Over the road, on the right, is a cluster of tall pine trees.

  • The sign at our entrance is a wooden board in a tree marked “Vadersberg Adventure Farm…”

  • Turn left into our property and drive up the mountain, through a wooden slide gate, for 2km - Low cars not advised.

  • You’ll come to a large shed which will be on the left. Continue straight past it and follow the sign marked “campsite” until you reach your designated campsite. They are labelled: “Under the Pines,” “Central Meadow,” “Blackwood Forest,” and “Wattle and Fern.”

  • A note about the road: 

  • The road up to the campsite area has swales to prevent extensive water erosion when heavy rains occur. 

  • We highly recommend bringing a vehicle with high-ground clearance. 

  • Smaller vehicles can make it up but it is entirely at its own risk. 

  • If you would like to explore other parts of Vadersberg it is necessary to come in a 4X4 vehicle. 


  • Do not bring a trailer if you are even the slightest bit doubtful that your vehicle will be able to pull it up the approximately 35-degree hill. 

  • If you think you’ll need help to bring your trailer up the mountain, you can arrange with Shelby that a staff member meets you at the bottom of the hill at a pre-arranged time to pull your trailer for a fee of R200. Note: there is no signal in that area so please ensure you are at the turnoff at the agreed time - will staff member will wait no more than 15 minutes.

  • If your vehicle fails to successfully pull your trailer up to the campsite and one of our staff members needs to rescue it for you, you will be charged a R500 fine. 


  • Cancellations made before 30 days of the arrival date will receive 100% refund. Between 30 days and 14 days before arrival, you will receive a 50% refund.

  • There will be NO REFUNDS for cancellations made within 14 days of the date of arrival.

  • Early departures are non-refundable.

  • Shifted bookings are non-refundable.

  • Our cancellation policy is subject to change at any time.

Rules – for your safety, and ours

Farms, by their nature, present many safety risks, and parents and/or adults are responsible for the supervision and safety of children in their care at all times, and particularly while they are swimming, boating, walking on the farm and visiting the farm animals.

Guests and visiting children may not

  1. No feeding the resident animals.

  2. We have a septic tank system. No cigarette buds, cotton buds, tampons, sanitary pads or any other material, other than 1ply toilet paper may be flushed down the toilet. Charges will occur for any blockage.

  3. Smoking in the forest is strictly forbidden as it is a high-fire-risk area and you will be held liable for damages if caught. You are welcome to smoke at your campsite in the braai area. Please dispose of any cigarette stompies before you leave. Failure to do so could result in a penalty. 

  4. No parties or events are allowed unless arranged with Vadersberg ahead of time.

  5. No unattended fires or candles.

  6. No music if there are any other guests in the area. 

  7. Vadersberg campsite works on a self-check-in basis.

  8. Arrival time: Any time after 2 pm. and before 6 pm - unless otherwise arranged.

  9. Departure time: Before 10 am.

Other Information

  • Please bring your own grid, toilet paper, ice, power banks, towels, soaps etc.

  • The weather changes very quickly up here on the mountain, so please remember to bring both your swimming clothes as well as your warm jackets. 

  • Vadersberg is all about sustainability, so please sign and send your indemnity to us digitally, if possible.

  • We use septic tank systems and french drains. Please ensure your toiletries are eco-friendly and don't flush anything plastic down the drains. 

Banking Details:

Please pay all money to 

  • Blomberg Beleggings

  • FNB Cheque 

  • 62818447030

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